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What adults can expect from lessons with Gettalking

we provide all adult  1-1 learners with a free assessment of your learning style and learning needs.

You will be given an ongoing scheme of work with topics and language focus to help you achieve your goals.


" I have worked in adult education with small groups for 12 years. Languages were not always accessible to people at school and it is so brilliant to be able to give adults an opportunity to learn from scratch or to refresh, to get ready for a holiday or even to live abroad. Adult learning is a chance to claw a little time back for personal development in our busy lives. Adult learning is one of the most important services we offer, a second chance." Lisa, gettalking

1-1 French or Spanish  Mondays from 9am 

                                            Wednesdays from 830am with Lisa   

                                             Evening appointments where available

                                             Waiting list in operation         

1-1 French or Italian - various days and times available  with Caroline